10 Steps to Choosing the Right Bike


If you have no idea where to start, visit a professional bike store

Try to avoid large chain stores and universal sports shops. In the smaller and more specialized shops, you can find staff who are cycling enthusiasts, they won’t try to sell you something that you don’t like or don’t need.

Choose the basic bike category

What will be the main function of your bike? Think carefully about the purpose you will require for the bike. There are several basic types of bikes you may encounter:

Mountain Bike (MTB)

This type of bike should be chosen if you intend to ride  on rougher terrain and unpaved roads in particular. Mountain bikes are robust machines, designed mainly to overcome the  harshest terrains. If you prefer, you can also choose the hydraulic suspension system. This system controls the amount of shock  which is transferred back to the bike rider.

Road Bike

The road bike is categorized by its light weight and aerodynamics. On a smooth surface, you will reach your maximum limits with this bike. For riders who like speed and an exhilarating  experience, the road bike is the right choice.

Cross Bike

An ideal compromise, appropriate both for the road and for unpaved terrain. This is a perfect bike for the beginners still searching for their riding style. A cross bike can be used for leisure time cycling, longer trips, cycling to work and for medium-difficulty trips.

Electric Bike

Do you love cycling, but you don’t like strenuous uphill riding? Then choose an electric bike! Thus, you will gain higher speeds with the same amount of effort. You will go farther and faster. With an electric bike you can cycle more than 150 km on one charge The new found range of your electric bike will allow you to take trips you would never try on an ordinary bicycle. Moreover, you’ll be able to attain levels similar to a professional cyclist.

Consider the wheel size

The size of the wheel is always measured in inches. If you see a value from 26" to 29" within the wheel description, this is the wheel diameter. These days, 29" sport wheels are very popular.These type of rims can help you easily overcome obstacles and rough terrain. They are especially good for more aggressive larger cyclists or for cyclists with some experience. Smaller size wheels allow riders to accelerate faster and change the riding style almost immediately.If you are choosing your first bike, it’s a good idea to choose the average size wheels. Also, your weight, height and body size should be considered.

Determine the bike height

How do you determine the correct total height of your bike? While you are you standing above the frame astride the bar, you should have about a 5 cm gap between the bar and your crotch. If you have an asymmetrical body, (e.g. longer torso), certain deviations may occur, but the correct size of the frame can make up for this deviation.

Choose the right size and material of the frame

You can replace the wheels and all the other accessories relatively cheap. The frame will remain long after the accessories are replaced. Therefore, pay a lot of attention when choosing it. Most often, the frame size is specified in inches or by the S, M, L, XL and XXL letters, this method is similar to the clothing measuements.So for basic guidance, you can select the size according to the label on your sport outfit.

The frame material is one of the main factors which will determine the overall weight of your bike. These days, modern aluminium frames offer great quality for a reasonable price. However, if you want to have a much higher quality material, choose the carbon frame! You’ll appreciate its incredibly low weight.

Consider the preferred position while riding

If you are an older cyclist or someone who goes on lite trips  then you will probably prefer a more upright riding position. If you go for more demanding rides, you should choose a more  “lying” position on your bike and use more of your strength. Following this, choose a frame which has the correct length and everything can be fine tuned with a properly fitted handlebar stem and correct seat height. In general for road bikes, choose a longer frame while for the mountain bikes a shorter one. In the case of mountain bikes, you will have better control and the ability to lift the front wheel slightly when encountering any obstacles . Do not forget that it’s imperative that you find the perfect position and don’t be afraid to try different sizes.

Check your bank account balance

Let’s also, be realistic.The financial aspect will always be a key factor in the decision making process.Do some research and determine your basic budget range. Based on this information , you can make compromises or add components of even higher quality. Make sure you are happy – for the added cost, you’ll really appreciate a lighter frame or a shock absorbing fork in the future.

Consider other components and accessories

Naturally, a bicycle is not only the frame and wheels. After you have selected your basic frame, your bike should be upgraded with brakes, gears, a seat and many other items . Your professional bike store will know which component to recommend to you within a certain price range. In general, there is an indirect correlation: the higher the price, the lower the weight. However, a couple of grams saved is probably more interesting if you are a professional rider.

An ordinary rider should focus on smaller things like the pedals. For occasional trips with your family, standard pedals are sufficient. However, if you plan on going on more strenuous rides you’ll always prefer pedals with cleats. Not only will you utilize your energy more efficiently, but you’ll also become one with your bicycle and it will support you in areas when you don’t expect it.

Consider all the possibilities– you should buy a helmet and other protective gear with your new bike. Don’t forget about the reflectors, lights and any other safety elements!

Choose with your heart

You should love your bike from the moment you see it, so the bike should catch you interest immediately. If the first test ride doesn’t feel right, don’t buy it to quick. Look further. Choose the bike that tugs at your heart and meets your requirements.