How to Choose an Electric Bike?


Over the last few years, electric bikes have experienced a real boom in Western Europe. The variety of ebikes has grown to include hundreds of different types. For a person that is not from this industry, it may be difficult to understand the wide selection of electric bikes. Are you looking for the perfect bike for yourself? Finding it tough to decide which one to choose? Do you need assistance? In the following article, you’ll find the most important points to help you make the right decision.

Think about how you will use your electric bike in the future, and where will you be riding your bike most often.

If you regularly ride a bike, think about your current riding style and the type of terrain you most frequently ride on. In principle, standard and electric bikes have similar categories.

Do you ride on bike accessible trails and adrenaline pumping downhill biking trails? You will appreciate an electric mountain bike for sure, making your way uphill faster to enjoy even more awesome downhill runs.

Electric road bikes should be chosen if you plan on riding longer distances, on a flat surface. Usually, electric road bikes have a lighter frame and high capacity batteries.They will increase how far you can go by as much as three times.

Still not sure? You can always choose something in the middle! Universal electric bikes are now the most commonly sold  type of bike in the industry as they combine the advantages of mountain and electric road bikes. With this type of electric bike, you can ride on a forest trail or take a trip to a nearby city. This is a multi-purpose leisure time bike.

City electric bikes are a special category of electric bikes. As their name implies, these are electric bikes which are used predominantly in the city. Their main advantage is the lower frame size which makes riding it easier even in casual clothes. Usually, they are also equipped with a rack and a basket for shopping.

Choosing the motor placement

Electric bike producers are always trying to bring us new solutions for the placement of the electric bike motor. The mid-drive motors are the most common.The engine is installed around the pedalling axis. Thus, your electric bike receives the advantage of a lower center of gravity and in general, it is more balanced than electric bikes with other types of drives. The response time of the electric motor from the drive to the rear wheel is reduced as well. The electric motor has various power modes, the power mode can be adjusted and selected by the rider.This system of motor variations helps the mid-drive motor be more cost effective and also more useful in specific conditions.

If you buy, an electric bike with the motor on the rear wheel. You will have a decent ride for a relatively low price. However, you’ll have to accept that the response time from motor to rear axle will be slower and  in the event of using it for sporting purposes you may also experience an unbalanced center of gravity.

You probably won’t find electric bikes with a motor on the front wheel in bike shops. This type of bike is obsolete. They have been replaced by electric bikes with rear-wheel drives.

Trust your intuition

If you chose the basic type of electric bike according to the previous sections, you can decide on which type of bike you want. Go to your nearest bike shop or check them out online. If you have previous experience riding a standard non-electric bike, you probably know the appropriate model you would like to own.Trust yourself and don’t let anyone persuade you to buy something you don’t really want. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller or to contact the eshop sales representatives.

Do not forget about a test ride

These days, many rental shops exist as well as large bike shops, it’s very easy to make an appointment and spend your afternoon trying out different electric bikes. Go back to the above point: Trust your intuition! Remember the feeling from your ride and choose the electric bike you loved the first time you rode it. Ask yourself the essential question: Do I like the feel of the bike? If your answer is yes, you can ask questions about the range of the electric bike.

Determine the range of the electric bike under different conditions

You should consider how far will you be travelling with your electric bike. The maximum distance it can travel is one of the most important factors. The maximum range of your bike depends on the terrain, on the level of supplementary motor support you need, and  the weight of the cyclist. In general, the distance the electric bike can travel ranges between 30- 40 kilometers for electric bikes with smaller batteries. The battery life stated by manufacturer should be taken with a pinch of salt. In mountainous terrain or while riding uphill, the range of your electric bike could be cut in half.

One more point: What’s the maximum speed of an electric bike?

It’s natural that an inexperienced cyclist, will recognize their speed rise substantially by using the electric motor, compared to a standard non-electric bike. You will ride much faster, with your electric bike. But how much faster? Most of the electric bikes produced in Europe and North America can attain a speed of up to 25 km/h (15 mph).

In the event you want to achieve higher speeds, your bike should be modified by adding a tuning chip. The electric bike tuning chips will allow you to suppress the speed limiter while riding on your private property. According to our experiences, an modified electric bike may has the ability to reach a speed of 35 km/h, or 45 km/h without any problems, and in certain situations even 55 km/h or 65 km/h.

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