SpeedBox App specifically designed for SpeedBox B-Tuning uses Bluetooth technology to connect your e-bike to your mobile phone. After downloading the application and connecting your phone to your electric bike, you can track the current data and riding parameters on your phone. You can save your trips, compare them with friends and monitor your own performance, so just enjoy the ride to the fullest and leave checking the parameters for later!
Get the most
out of your bike.
Main Features
  • Tuning Control
  • Motor Lock System
  • Invisible Tuning Mode
  • Ride, trip and motor analysing
  • Save and browse your trips

Compatible with

SpeedBox B.Tuning

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Tuning Control

Changes the e-bike's speed limit from 25 km/h to unlimited mode.

Tuning Off Tuning On

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Tuning Invisible Mode

Once you activate this mode, you won't be able to activate tuning with the walk/light button on your electric bike anymore.

Tuning Visible Tuning Invisible

However, you can still activate it with the mobile application. This makes the tuning virtually undetectable.

Motor Lock System

You can temporarily turn off the electric bike's motor in your mobile app to add another level of security to your lock.

Motor Unlocked Motor Locked

This will prevent misuse and unauthorized handling of an electric bike.

Ride Data

Well-arranged database of your trips to monitor your own performance or compare it with friends.

Motor Diagnostics

Displaying real e-bike technical data on your mobile phone.

SpeedBox B-Tuning chip will function without the SpeedBox App. However, it is a great accessory that will give you a complete overview of your performance.

Most sport apps use only rough estimates of values. That’s why these data may differ from the real electric bike data by up to 20%. SpeedBox App displays completely accurate data, which is read directly from the electric bike's control unit.

All parameters available in SpeedBox App
  • Actual speed [kmph, mph]
  • Average speed [kmph, mph]
  • Maximal speed [kmph, mph]
  • Trip distance [km, mi]
  • Trip duration
  • Total distance [km, mi]
  • Maximal speed [kmph, mph]
  • Actual pedaling rate [RPM]
  • Average pedaling rate [RPM]
  • Maximal pedaling rate [RPM]
  • Actual level [%]
  • Average discharge [%/km]
  • Total discharge [%/trip]
  • Range [km]
  • Actual current [A]
  • Average current [A]
  • Maximal current [A]
  • Charge consumed [Ah]
  • Average charge consumption [Ah/km]
  • Actual power [W]
  • Average power [W]
  • Maximal power [W]
  • Energy consumed [Wh]
  • Average energy consumption [Wh/km]
Motor + fitness
  • Energy (human) [kJ]
  • Energy (motor) [kJ]
  • Energy (human + motor) [kJ]
  • Power (human) [W]
  • Power (motor) [W]
  • Power (human + motor) [W]
  • Torque (human) [Nm]
  • Torque (motor) [Nm]
  • Torque (human + motor) [Nm]

We are continuously updating SpeedBox App and adding additional setting options and new diagnostic features. The application can be downloaded free in Google Play and App Store.

Buy SpeedBox B.Tuning

Download SpeedBox App to your phone before ordering the SpeedBox B-Tuning chip. Try out the demo version, get to know all the features and make sure that the application is fully functional. To connect to the SpeedBox B-Tuning chip, your phone must be equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.