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   E-bike tracking via GPS
   Installed within the e-bike motor compartment
   Connected to your smartphone via App
   Real-time tracting throughout Europe
   Motion alarm on your smartphone
   Additional integrated battery

Compatible with:
   Brose Drive S MAG (E01680/E06855)
   Brose Drive C MAG (E57028/E41219)
   Brose Drive T MAG (E57026/E41222)
   Brose Drive S ALU (C97272)
   Brose Drive C ALU (E22243)
   Brose Drive TF ALU (C79232/C97292)
   Brose Drive T ALU (C91143)
   Brose Drive Gen 1 (C16162)
   Specialized 1.2
   Specialized 1.3
   Specialized 2.1

Package contents:
   GPS Tracker
   Connection cable
   Basic battery
   Mounting brackets

We recommend:
   Additional battery in case the bike will be stored for a long time


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BikeTrax GPS Tracker – perfect protection against theft of e-bikes with the Brose Universal and Specialized motors. Smarter than a mechanical lock!

How does BikeTrax work?

Quick Start Guide

BikeTrax is a miniature GPS locator that pairs with the PowUnity Bike app. It is installed in the e-bike motor compartment, so it is invisible to thieves. If the e-bike is not in motion, the locator is in sleep mode - it is activated automatically thanks to the motion accelerator. While riding, the locator records the route, and after the trip is over, the locator goes back to sleep mode.

If you activate the lock in the app and someone starts moving the e-bike without your knowledge, the locator will wake up from sleep mode and trigger an alarm in the PowUnity Bike app. Using GPS coordinates, the locator updates the current location every 10 seconds. You will be able to track the e-bike location in the application in any GSM network in more than 60 countries.
In case of theft, you can use the app to direct the police directly to your e-bike.

The locator is connected to the application 24 hours a day and is primarily powered by the e-bike battery. If you are not going to use the e-bike for a long time, we recommend switching it on occasionally for at least a few minutes to recharge the battery of the locator. In case the e-bike battery is completely discharged or you remove it from the e-bike, the GPS signal will not be interrupted. The locator's additional battery can last up to three weeks in standby mode. During active operation, it lasts up to 12 hours.
If you don't have time to charge the e-bike regularly, we recommend ordering an additional backup battery with an extension cable, which doubles the standby and active modes.

Buy an Additional backup battery >

PowUnity Bike App

The PowUnity Bike app can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store and you can use it on your smartphone or via a web browser on your PC.

The first year, you can enjoy using the app anywhere in Europe for free. After the first year, you have the option to purchase a yearly flat rate for EUR 39 or a monthly flat rate for EUR 3.9 directly in the application. In the case of a monthly flat rate, you can deactivate the application at any time if you will not need it for a long time (e.g. in the winter months), and then reactivate it and renew the monthly flat rate.

Other features

Bike Pass – you can upload all the information and identification details of your e-bike to the application so it will be easier to identify the e-bike in case of theft.

Route diary - automatically records every cycle ride without the need to start it manually.

Newsfeed – news and interesting facts about bike theft protection

Personal data protection


The installation depends on the motor of your e-bike. Together with the GPS tracker, we will supply you with the appropriate connection cable and a set of simple, easy-to-understand installation instructions.