Speed limiter: eliminated
Display shows: real values up to 22 km/h
Compatible with motors: Brose SPECIALIZED, Brose S and Brose S-MAG
Activation: activated at all times
Compatible with SpeedBox App: NO

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Basic tuning kit for your e-bike with Brose Specialized motor.

This tuning kit enables you to deactivate the speed limiter of your e-bike. When in use, the actual speed of 22 km/h will appear on your display. Then the speed indicator gets stabilized and keeps on showing the same value even at higher speeds.

How does SpeedBox 1.0 work?

SpeedBox 1.0 for Brose stays active after being installed in your bike, so you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off.


Anyone can install the chip to an e-bike with some basic tools!  We have prepared detailed instructions and videos to make installation easy for you in the comfort of your home. Disassembly of our tuning chip is just as easy. If you have any troubles with the installation, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are planning to install SpeedBox on a brand-new bike, make sure you ride it for at least 1 km before the chip is activated.

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Please note that the operation of this type of modified electric bikes on public roads may be against the law in some countries. The manufacturer takes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use SpeedBox products. Electric bikes equipped with SpeedBox products are not allowed to be used on public roads, cycling paths and public places. Electric bikes equipped with SpeedBox products can be used exclusively on private property and entirely at one’s own risk. The use of SpeedBox may void the warranty of your ebike.

We strongly recommend using other safety features and protective gear to prevent injuries in higher speeds.

Realy change 25km/h limit
Not detectable

Very bad cable connection, must cut cables, not secure connection
Display shows: not actual values
Compatible with displays: not with ... More

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Cuesta insertar los cables en las conexiones, se doblan y no hay modo de conseguir que entren, finalmente los estañé y con la ganancia de dureza c ... More

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the bike ride's so mutch better now ......

easy installation

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Small, lightweight and fits easily into the motor housing.

Not so easy to install as the video says. Unfortunately the sensor cable that Brose now uses in its motor has extremely thin and weak wires, so they ... More

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Will this work for a 2019 Turbo Levo FSR.

Motor Firmware: 6.1.0
Display Firmware: 1A.B.0

Jiří Voldán (Sales Manager)Administrator |

Yes, it will. We confirm compatibility.


I have a Rockirder e-ST mountain bike from Decathlon in France, year 2020, it has a central Brose T Aluminum motor.
Which model do I need between your SpeedBox 1.0 for Brose or SpeedBox 1.0 for Brose Specialized ?
Sincerely, Luc FABRE.

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