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Speed limiter: deactivated
Speed limit setting: YES
Display shows: actual values
Compatible with displays:
Compatible with: SpeedBox App
Not compatible with: 2022 Bosch Smart System
Activation: SpeedBox App/ WALK button/ WALK + / + - + -


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Smart connection of your phone and electric bike? This is what you can expect from the SpeedBox B-Data product. By using Bluetooth, the application will connect to the electric bike, allowing you to monitor data in real time.

How does SpeedBox B-Data work?

Primarily, SpeedBox B-Data is a tool designed for electric bike monitoring and diagnostics. It uses wireless Bluetooth technology to connect with a smartphone. Our application shows values such as actual speed, estimated range, riding time, pedalling rate, battery current as well as other numbers. You can save your respective rides, compare your results with your friends and monitor your own progress. A clear graphic display is an additional bonus for the user.

At the same time, this product is a unique safety element for your electric bike. In the mobile application, you can turn the electric bike motor off temporarily and increase the security level with an additional element to the lock. Thus, you will avoid misuse and unauthorized manipulation of the electric bike.

Thanks to the smart application on your phone, you can easily display the data from your electric bike. Most other sporting applications use approximate values. These values can vary from the real data for your electric bike by more than 20%. However, the SpeedBox application shows accurate real data from the control unit of the electric bike – in real time!

The application contains:

  • Motor lock
  • Display and storage of data from the ride
  • Display of data about your electric bike

Installation of the SpeedBox B-Data is very easy. With basic tools, you can handle everything from the comfort of your own home in a couple of minutes. All you have to do is connect some of the prepared connectors to the electric bike motor. Disassembly is also that easy.

Furthermore, you can even use the electric bike even if it’s not matched with your phone. In this case, your electric bike behaves as if the diagnostic chip was not installed.

We’re still working on the development and improvement of our products. Soon, you can expect updates of our SpeedBox mobile application. Further settings and diagnostic elements will be added to the program. Updates will run automatically and are completely free of charge.

We highly recommend downloading the SpeedBox app before ordering the product and try it out on the type of phone you’re using to see if it works. Your phone must have the Bluetooth 4.0 version (or higher).

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