SpeedBox ChainCare Pro

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The most effective high-tech protection!

Extends the lifespan of a bike chain
For all types of bikes and e-bikes
Resists water and dirt
Prevents corrosion
Long-lasting effect

Package volume 100 ml

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Our premium two-component lubricant, SpeedBox ChainCare Pro, is specially designed to protect the chains of all types of bikes and e-bikes, allowing you to enjoy a seamless riding experience in perfect harmony with your bike. The lubricant provides long-lasting chain protection for comfortable riding on roads, cycle paths, as well as off-road terrain.


SpeedBox ChainCare Pro is a highly effective lube for advanced chain care, which can be easily and quickly applied to the chain's surface. Its unique formulation enables it to flow actively between chain links, expelling moisture and efficiently preventing corrosion. This extends the chain's lifespan and ensures your bike maintains maximum performance.

Due to the minimal content of adhesive components, dust and dirt do not stick to the chain’s surface, so you can also save yourself some maintenance time. The lubricant enhances the chain's smoothness, reducing noise, thus allowing you to enjoy a long-lasting, comfortable ride.

SpeedBox ChainCare Pro is suitable for frequent as well as occasional use, in both dry and wet conditions.

Instructions for use:
1. Thoroughly wash and degrease the chain (for example with our Ebike Cleaner).
2. Shake the lubricant SpeedBox ChainCare Pro before use.
3. Apply the lubricant to the chain.
4. After about a minute, wipe off any excess lube to prevent dirt from sticking.
5. When using SpeedBox ChainCare Pro for the first time, repeat the application once more after about 5 minutes.

Safety data sheets for the product here.