Speed limiter: suppressed
Display shows: actual values
Compatible with the displays: KIOX, INTUVIA, NYON and PURION
Activated by: WALK button

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Product code: SB2B_APC

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Revolutionary process-control module

SpeedBox2 for BOSCH is a revolutionary process-control module which  suppresses the speed limiter of your electric bike. After installation and activation of your SpeedBox for Bosch the display will show actual values. Values such as maximum speed, average speed, distance travelled daily and range are displayed correctly.

The SpeedBox2 is activated by briefly pressing the WALK button located at the front of the control panel. After pressing this button, the current speed of 9.9 km/h is displayed on the control panel for about 3 seconds. This means that the SpeedBox2 is activated. When the WALK button is pressed again, the current speed of 2.5 km/h is displayed. This means that the SpeedBox2 is deactivated, and everything works as if the speedbox had never been installed. The supplementary assistance of your electric bike now works up to its original speed limit of 25 km/h.

SpeedBox2 for BOSCH Performance Line:

SpeedBox2 for BOSCH Performance CX Line:

17. 09. 2017, 23:11

Facile à monter
Vitesse réel au tableau de bord
Peut être commandé avec la commande d'origine en roulant

Lenteur de livraison du produit

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18. 10. 2017, 22:30

Veloce da installare e molto semplice da attivare

Al momento nessuna critica

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28. 04. 2018, 16:26

works as promised!

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14. 06. 2018, 15:07

Super cool product, I enjoy riding with it.

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21. 06. 2018, 01:28

Prompt shipping and easy tracking to the US via Czech Post. Easy installation following video (pay attention to speed sensor vs taillight plug!). ... More

none so far. More

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Gabriel 08. 01. 2019, 18:31


I have had the Speedbox 2 fit to my Haibike with a Bosch Performance CX and Bosch Nyon display for over a year.

All was working fine until I updated the Bosch Nyon unit yesterday to version v2.7.5.0. After the update my Speedbox 2 no longer works. I press the Walk button and the speed does not change to indicate the activation of the Speedbox.

Is there another way to activate the unit so I can test if the walk function is the issue?

Many thanks in advance for any information.

Jiří Voldán (Sales Manager) Administrator 08. 01. 2019 | 18:31

Hi Gabriel,

I know there is some new Nyon update.

In fact, there is a alternative way for activation.

Please press quickly + - + -  or  - + - +


I suggest to replace the SpeedBox though. Perhaps it went faulty because of the update.

New SpeedBox may help. We'll see.

Could you provide number of your order?




SpeedBox Tuning Team

Dimsim 07. 12. 2018, 09:03

Hi, I have a R&m Newcharger nuvinci with gates belt. 45km restriction. It's impossible to reach this without feeling like a hamster in a treadmill.

Firstly, will this help me reach 45km with a lower cadance?
Secondly, what speeds can I achieve with this? Is 50km possible?

Jiří Voldán (Sales Manager) Administrator 07. 12. 2018 | 09:03

Hi, I regret to inform you that SpeedBox is not compatible with speed pedelecs.

Ian Baird 06. 12. 2018, 03:10

I have a USA spec Bosch CX performance line haibike with 350w and 32kmh restriction. will this product work with my bike?

Jiří Voldán (Sales Manager) Administrator 06. 12. 2018 | 03:10

Hi Ian, SpeedBox is fully compatible with your eBike. 32 kmh restriction is not a problem.

Simon 01. 12. 2018, 08:50


Is the Speedbox 2 compatible with the Kiox display?


Jiří Voldán (Sales Manager) Administrator 01. 12. 2018 | 08:50

Hi Simon. We don't know. We had no chance to test it yet.

Emilio 06. 11. 2018, 11:04

Compatibility whit new Bosch display (Kiox)?

Jiří Voldán (Sales Manager) Administrator 06. 11. 2018 | 11:04

Hi Emilio, do you already have a bike with Kiox? I think they are not released yet.

Design of products

Design of products

Although appearance is not very important for SpeedBox, we want it to excel among others and be among the designer pieces. Components made of high-quality material gives SpeedBox not only mechanical strength, durability and water resistance, but also an attractive appearance.

Top quality

Top quality

We use only electronic components of world's leading producers, during the production of SpeedBox. The processor is certified for the automotive industry, and the SpeedBox is tested several times during and after production to make sure you receive a reliable product.

Easy installation

Easy installation

We use the original keyed connectors to connect the SpeedBox to the electric bike, which are colour coded so you know exactly where to connect the connector. We've put together detailed instructions and videos which could help you easily install the SpeedBox by yourself.