Speed limiter: suppressed
Display shows: actual values
Activated by: Lights
For Yamaha PW-SE 2019, PW-X 2019 and PW-TE

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Product code: SB2Y_2019-20

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SpeedBox2 for Yamaha PW-SE 2019, PW-X 2019 and PW-TE is a revolutionary process-control module which  suppresses the speed limiter of your electric bike. After installation and activation of your SpeedBox for Yamaha  the display will show actual values. Values such as maximum speed, average speed, distance travelled daily and range are correctly displayed.

If you have a new bike which hasn't been ridden at all, you must ride it at least 1 or 2 kilometers before you install the SpeedBox tuning kit.

The SpeedBox2 for Yamaha is activated by pressing the LIGHT button, which is  located on the control panel. After pressing this button, the current speed of (9.0 km/h) is displayed on the control panel for about 2 seconds. This confirms that the SpeedBox2 is activated, and the supplementary assistance of your electric motor will now work up to a speed of 50 km/h.
When you press the LIGHT button again, the current speed of (2.0 km/h) is displayed. This confirms that the SpeedBox2 is deactivated, and everything works as if the SpeedBox had never been installed. The supplementary assistance of your electric bike now works up to its original speed limit of 25 km/h.

Please note that the operation of modified electric bikes on public roads may be against the law in some countries. The manufacturer takes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of SpeedBox1 or SpeedBox2 products. Electric bikes equipped with the SpeedBox1 or SpeedBox2 products are not allowed on public roads, bike paths and in public places. Electric bikes equipped with SpeedBox1 or SpeedBox2 products can be used exclusively on private property and entirely at one's own risk. The use of SpeedBox1 and/or SpeedBox2 may void the warranty of your ebike.

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Jack Elliott

If my bike has inbuilt lights is there another way of turning on/off? Thanks


I want to get one of these for a Haibike SDURO Trekking 6.0. Can someone please clarify what the issue is regarding lights and whether this has been rectified?

Jiří Voldán (Sales Manager)Administrator |

Issue with lights? There is none. This SpeedBox works perfectly and separately from lights.

Shaun Edwards

i have found that it will not work in mph but have found to make it work with my pw-x 2019 i have to put the side switch into km first to activate it then put it in mph but if i switch off bike i have to do it again. also cant switch light off up down up down not working in km/mph


I was going to by speedbox 2 for a Haibike Sduro Trekking 6.0 but not so sure now. As I understand it, pressing the light button you drive unrestricted with lights on. If you press up-down up-down you switch the light of. Do you have to do the same to switch it of again, or ?


Hi, after the installation of speedbox2 on my haibike hardseven 7.0 2019 i will go for 1or 2 km but my display do not indicat the speed when i run And the other information ( trip, odo,...) flash always. The bike have 40 km.

Jiří Voldán (Sales Manager)Administrator |

Hi Seb, does your SpeedBox work or not?

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